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The sale of your home is probably the largest financial transaction you’ll ever make in your life.

For this reason, it’s really important to get the best and most complete advice possible to guarantee a good sale. The ideal scenario is to have a person you trust who can advise you on the value of the property – someone with the knowledge, tools and means necessary to market it successfully and get the highest possible price in the shortest possible time.

We can offer you that advice

Espaciodoble is a Technical Property Agency with highly qualified .

Our technical training and professional experience in conversions, refurbishments and interior design allow us to  evaluate the technical and structural characteristics  of a property, and provide a  comprehensive technical service  that increases the possibility of a sale.

Our all-round technical advice, combined with our impeccable customer service, make all the difference..


Save time and hassle

You won’t have to be constantly answering phone calls and e-mails from prospective buyers, or make time in your schedule to organise visits. We’ll do it for you.

Shorter sale time

Our marketing tools and large client base, combined with our great flexibility in organising visits, help to generate a larger number of prospective buyers in a shorter period of time, leading to increased sales opportunities.

Progress updates

We keep you permanently informed about our progress during the entire sale process, so you are always up-to-date on the results we have achieved.

Higher sale price

We negotiate the sale price on your behalf, always defending your interests in order to secure the best possible offer.

Peace of mind and security

We prepare the necessary documentation for the completion of the sale and accompany you to the notary’s office, making sure we leave the operation completely finalised. We also have a legal department on hand to solve any problem that may arise relating to property law.

Steps to follow


First contact

Before putting your property on the market, our consultants pay an initial visit to get an idea of its specifications and current condition.


Economic valuation

With this information in hand, we prepare a full report on the property that includes an economic valuatio sbased on current market prices.

Note: This report is worth €190, but we are happy to offer it to our clients free of charge.


A home fit for a magazine

Once you have officially commissioned the sale dof your property, our professional photographer will create a photographic report that brings out the very best features of the property and highlights those things that makes it special (space, light, quality of materials, etc.).


Right down to the very last centimetre

Alongside this, one of our architectural consultants will create a detailed floor plan pthat indicates the exact surface area of the property, and if the property requires alterations, we will also prepare various proposals for redistribution and refurbishment to encourage prospective buyers to make the purchase.


All documentation

We will also put together all the documentation required for the sale: deeds, receipts for municipal property tax (IBI) and contributions to the residents’ association, Technical Inspection status (ITE), etc.


We publicise and advertise the property

With all this information, we design the sale advertisement for your property to make it really attractive to prospective buyers, and we are rigorous and professional in including all the relevant details. We publish the advertisement in various media and formats:our website (, property portals (Idealista, Fotocasa, Vibbo, Milanuncios) and also in our marketing material (postcards and brochures).


Five-star professionals

We assign a highly qualified consultant to each client, who will accompany them throughout the entire sale process and will be at their disposal to resolve any questions they may have. This consultant will deal with all the people interested in your property who contact us by phone or email. They will also be responsible for coordinating and scheduling visits with prospective buyers.


Constant communication

The communication between the consultant and property owner will always be fluid. We’ll give you feedback on each visit to the property, as well as sending you a monthly report with the results obtained during the previous 30 days, so that you’re constantly informed about how the sale is going.


Negotiating offers

negotiation well handled by a good professional  can, firstly, represent a 5% to 20% increase in the initial offer, according to our studies and, secondly, avoid the occurrence of unforeseen problems before the operation is completed. From our own experience, we know that a trusted professional is in a better position to secure the best conditions of sale, since they know the market perfectly and won’t get carried away by their emotions.


Closing the sale

We prepare the necessary documentation for the completion of the sale and accompany you to the notary’s office, making sure that the operation is completely finalised. We also have a legal department on hand to solve any problem that may arise relating to property law.

Contract our services and reap the benefits