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The first impression is what counts.
Improve your advert and you’ll stand out.

One of the keys to success in selling a property is to have good publicity to attract prospective buyers. First impressions are vital and the advert’s capacity to capture the attention will determine whether a person decides to call and arrange a visit.

If you’ve decided to manage the sale of your property personally without the help of an estate agent, you can still choose to outsource certain services to help oversee every detail of your advertisement and exploit the full potential of your property. It will certainly be money well spent, that will result in a good sale!

Services offered

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An appealing headline

You have to highlight the most important feature of your home, the thing that makes it better than the rest.


An image is worth a thousand words, so the photos of the house must be taken by a specialist professional who knows how to convey the sense of space, natural light and structural qualities, etc., while retaining all of the charm of your property.


It’s also important to provide technical details about the property: the orientation, qualities, materials used, facilities, technical inspection status, monthly charges, communal services, date of last refurbishment, and so on.

Floor plan

It’s important to have a floor plan that shows the exact surface area and distribution. This means that any potential visitor will have a clear idea in advance and won’t be disappointed when they actually see the property.

Energy Certificate

This document is required by the Notary and is obligatory for the completion of the sale..