Tailor-made complete redecoration 2018-06-07T22:04:41+00:00

We manage all aspects of the redecoration right down to the very last detail to ensure that the spaces we design are warm and comfortable.

We redecorate properties, providing both the furniture and those small details that transform a house into a home. In the case of business premises, we let the modern style and design of our proposals speak for themselves.

We work with the best materials and most exquisite finishes in order to obtain the best result, since we consider that only a careful selection of both makes it possible to create the most comfortable environments.

If you’re getting excited by just thinking about it, imagine when it becomes a reality!

At Espaciodoble, we envisage the project as a whole, and involve ourselves fully, because the care and dedication we invest in the design of each room and space is the quality that sets up apart.