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Are you looking for the ideal home and can’t find it?
You need a personal property shopper.

In order to make the right buy, it is vital to have the best and most complete advice possible. A personal shopper is someone you can trust to advise you objectively about the property available on the market, with access to 100% of the current offer and not just the property portfolio of a particular agency.


Up to 70% time saving

You’ll only visit properties that really match what you’re looking for.

More arguments to make a good choice

You’ll be able to compare different properties taking account of structural factors, such as the state of the building, orientation, facilities, refurbishment options and costs, etc.

No hidden surprises

We negotiate the price on your behalf, achieving between a 5 and 20% discount off the asking price.

Save money

We negotiate the price on your behalf, achieving between a 5 and 20% discount off the asking price.

Convenience and peace of mind

We prepare the necessary documentation for the completion of the sale and accompany you to the notary’s office.

What we do for you

Before buying a property, our consultants assess the state of conservation of the building where it is located, the quality of the construction materials used, the facilities (and whether they’re outdated or not), the range of possible refurbishments, improvements in distribution, the approximate costs of the works that may be necessary, etc. Sometimes, there’s no available floor plan of the house we’re interested in and this document is essential to know the exact surface area of the property. Unfortunately, the information listed in the Land and Deeds Register hardly ever matches the reality, so it’s vital to have good technical assistance, which includes the creation of drawings. With this information in hand, you will save money, avoid unpleasant surprises, and have the peace of mind that you are making a good purchase.

Our consultants also have sales skills and extensive knowledge of the property market, so they can conduct an in-depth search for the property that meets your requirements and manage all the stages of the buying process, reliably and professionally.

Entrusting your search for a home to a skilled professional will save you time, work and upset. It will definitely be money well spent.