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Our customers are the guarantee of the work that we do every day.

At espaciodoble, we work hard every day to give each of our customers a unique experience. Our prime objective is to achieve quality in every service we provide. By prioritizing our respect for and dedication to our customers, we are able to surpass their expectations.

“Friendly, polite and always available, they inspire confidence”

Antonio, Bought a property in Vallehermoso (Chamberí). February 2017

“Apart from their incredibly friendly and respectful approach, it’s also great to see a group of such competent women developing a wonderful project like this”

Alba, Bought a flat in Trafalgar (Chamberí). March 2017

“The sense of trust and professionalism – that’s what I liked most. I feel reassured getting advice from people who really know the subject, apart from the purely commercial side. It’s a very important added value that ESPACIODOBLE has in relation to other agencies. I also really appreciate the help you gave when problems arose, and I felt supported by you, so many thanks.”

Henar, Sold a flat in Hispanoamérica-Bernabeu (Chamartín). August 2017

“Quick and professional”

Luis, Sold a flat in Puerta del Ángel (Latina). July 2017

“An excellent service in general. I’m very grateful for your professionalism and flexibility”

Fabio, Sold a property in Cortes (Centro). October 2017

“Professionalism, trust, flexibility and a friendly attitude. It’s one of the only times I’ve had dealings with an estate agent and I didn’t feel like they were trying to take me for a ride.”

Inma, Bought a flat in Justicia (Centro). September 2017