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In the Community of Madrid, buildings over 30 years old must undergo a Technical Inspection (ITE) every 10 years.

At Espaciodoble, we have Architects who specialise in carrying out technical inspections to ensure the good condition and proper conservation of buildings.
If you are the manager or administrator of a residents’ association, hire the best professionals to ensure that your building is stable, safe, watertight and structurally sound.

What is the Technical Inspection of Buildings (ITE)?

This is an inspection carried out by a qualified technician who will gather the data required to draft a report that reflects the state of a property in order to guarantee that it is safe and to expose any damage or possible defects. Its objective is to establish an action plan or, where relevant, a maintenance and prevention plan. The inspection analyzes the following elements:

Structure and foundations

Interior and exterior facades, party walls and other elements

Roofs and terraces

General plumbing and sanitation networks

Accessibility elements in the building*

*These elements are only inspected if required by the current legislation of the relevant autonomous community.

Actions to be carried out

1º. Inspection visit

2º. Building inspection certificate

3º. Accompanying report

4º. Processing and submission

General comments

The entire procedure will be carried out in accordance with the provisions established in current legislation, using the forms prescribed by the relevant municipal council.

For the works mentioned above, we estimate one or two inspection visits to the property. Any additional visits to the building that may be required due to lack of access to certain areas (individual homes or communal areas) will incur a separate charge.

Financial cost

The cost of the inspection varies for each property depending on several factors, such as the date and type of construction, surface area, number of floors and homes, location, etc.
Any owner or president of the residents’ association can contact us and request a personalised quote for their building.

Geographical scope

Espaciodoble works within the Community of Madrid and surrounding areas. Please contact us and we’ll tell you if your property can be inspected by our technicians.