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Rental prices are insane.
Did you know that rental prices have shown their the largest rise in 10 years?

Rental prices are rising fast, because demand is much higher than supply, especially in areas with greater economic, tourist and demographic activity, like Madrid. The outlook of Spanish people has shifted in favour of renting, and this is also having an effect on the market.

This uncontrolled situation has both tenants and private landlords at a loss. Tenants, because they don’t know what’s a fair rent to pay, and landlords, because they want to make the most out of their property, without going overboard.

At Espaciodoble we provide a comprehensive consultancy service


Getting the most out of your property

It’s obvious that the nicer the home, the higher the demand and the more rent you’ll get for it. In most cases, a little investment will make your property shine like the homes that appear in magazines, and our team of architects and interior designers specialise precisely in this. First you need to know who your potential market is, by age range and lifestyle (students, professional couples, families with children, older couples with more traditional tastes, etc.). Once we have an image of the future tenants, we can furnish and decorate the property to their taste, so they’ll fall in love with it at first sight.

At other times, if the property is quite large, the most profitable option is to divide it into several apartments. In these cases, espaciodoble can also manage the project and conversion works to prepare your properties for rental.


Marketing rental properties

As with sales, at espaciodoble, we aim for the highest levels of quality, professionalism and transparency. We’ll design an attractive advert with professional photos and a precise and detailed description of the property. We’ll deal with the people interested and manage visits to the property until we get the right price.


Guaranteeing a reliable rental

The solvency and reliability of the tenant are essential to completing a smooth rental process. At espaciodoble, we know this and that’s why we personally interview potential tenants and demand a series of requirements from them. Once we’ve found the right tenant, we draw up a rental contract that is as detailed as possible to offer you the best guarantees.