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Since 2013, an official energy certificate is mandatory when selling or renting a property.

Espaciodoble has certified technicians that can assess the energy efficiency of your home, office or business premises. A simple inexpensive procedure that is best done as soon as possible to save trouble at the last minute.

What is an energy certificate?

An energy certificate is an official document written by a qualified technician who reports on the energy efficiency of a property and suggests energy saving measures. It reflects the results of the annual energy consumption needed to meet the power requirements of a building under normal conditions of occupation and operation. It involves a study of the hot water system, heating, lighting, cooling and ventilation. Valid for 10 years, the certificate can show a result of A, B, C, D, E, F or G, where A is the most efficient rating.

Actions to be carried out

1º. Visit to the property

2º. Drafting of the certificate

3º. Processing and submission

4º. Official energy certificate

Financial cost

The cost of the inspection varies for each property according to several factors, such as type of building, surface area and location, etc. Excluding special cases, our fees for properties in the centre of Madrid are the following:

€85 for properties smaller than 85 m2

€1 per m2 for properties larger 85 m2



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