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Unique inspiring spaces adapted to your needs.

At Espaciodoble, we carry out complete conversions and refurbishment projects, designing attractive and functional environments and managing all the processes necessary to achieve them.

We don’t see small spaces, but rather, great challenges.

The whole Espaciodoble team works following the premises and requirements of our clients, so that the final result of the project is the one that everyone wants.
We prepare various refurbishment proposals, each with an estimated budget.

Once you have chosen the option you want, we move on to the quotation stage, where we describe in detail all the work and procedures that have to be carried out to complete the project.

Then the building work begins, and once the terms of the contract have been agreed, the Espaciodoble team will carefully oversee the work of each trade, to ensure the quality of all the works throughout the process. In this way, we can guarantee, from the start of the refurbishment project through to its completion, both the application of good practices during the work, as well as compliance with deadlines to avoid time wasting which could lead to financial losses.

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Featured projects

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You hand us the keys to your home, office or business premises, and we take care of the rest.

Thanks to the great work of our whole team, and the years of experience behind us, we’ve specialized in “turnkey” solutions. Simply put, this means that, if the customer wishes, the Espaciodoble will take care of absolutely everything to do with the refurbishment project, from licence and permit applications, through the actual works, to organization of the move and storage requirements, and of course, the final decoration, taking care of every last detail.

Attention to detail is a sign of how good a project is.

For the team at Espaciodoble, the actual works and the final decoration of the finished spaces are equally important. That’s why we like to decorate each room ourselves, down to the last detail, to achieve an overall balance with a distinct style.
We work with some of the most prestigious brands in decoration and furniture, in order to ensure you the best results, always.